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Gwella is ‘Get Well’ in Welsh, which is the aim of my Clinic, tom improve health gently and safely. There is no quality of life when one constantly suffers from chronic illnessesl  The Mora Super by med tronik detects internal imbalances and corrects them naturally.


Using electro-acupuncture on the meridians to rebalance the organs, Supplements, homeopathy and herbs to support the immune system and finally hypnosis to take control of your well-being, guaranteeing a safe way to improve your health

Remedies are complimenting your normal medication. Progress and improvement may be monitored by your own Doctor.

Hypnotherapy is also available for confidence, controlling bad habits and stress.


For more information, please feel free to contact me:


Tel: 00353 6 77 61681

Mobile: 00353 85 1367488



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