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What not to eat with inflammatory conditions

ARTHRITUS DIET – Taken from ‘A Doctor’s Proven New Home Cure for ARTHRITIS’ Giraud W. Campbell

Foods to avoid:

  • Prepared and processed foods

  • Packed desserts

  • Canned soups, fruits, meats, vegetables, fish and canned poultry

  • Cake, sweets and ice cream

  • Packaged cereals

  • Bakery products, spaghetti and pasta, refined rice, noodles and pizza

  • Coffee, tea and soft drinks

  • Jams, jellies, sugar and artificial sweetners

  • Imitation dairy products and other foods fabricated, imitated, altered or semi-prepared by man

  • Wine, beer and liquor

Poisons that contribute to your Arthritis

  1. BHA (E320)

  2. BHT (E321)

  3. Disodium dihydrogen disphosphatase (E450a)

  4. Monosodium glutamate

  5. Carageena (E407)

  6. Synthetic food colours or azo dyes

  7. Sodium nitrate (E231)

  8. Sodium nitrate (E250)

  9. Polysorbate 60

  10. Polysorbate 80

  11. Di-Potassium phosphate

  12. Sorbitan-monostearate

  13. Oxygen interceptor

  14. Sulphur dioxide

  15. Sodium Benzoate

  16. Aluminium sodium silicate

To regain painfree use of joints

Day one – fast for full 24 hours. No tea, coffee or fruit juices. Drink minimum of 32 oz water during this time.

Day two – eat only fresh RAW fruit and vegetables. Dried fruits, like raisins, prunes, figs and dates are acceptable only if sun ripened. Do not use citrus furits in the acute stages of arthritis.

Day three – add un-processed seafood to the diet. No breaded fish. Plus UNTREATED milk. (goats or sheep milk could be an alternative as its quite hard to find the untreated sort). Also introduce organ meats – hearts liver and kidneys.

Gradually re-introduce other foods. (Not processed and the previously mentioned additives).

Sometimes when meat is add and increased stiffness may be noticed the next morning. If so, discontinue the meat for a week and then try it again. If stiffness does not return it can be added regularly to the diet. If stiffness recurs, discontinue the meat for two weeks and then try again.

Observer yourself carefully each time you add a new food to the diet. Remember, only one new food should be added at a time to determine whether or not it causes joint stiffness the next day. If it does, that food should be avoided. Some people with arthritis cannot tolerate milk Include fresh nuts. Use minimum of water when cooking vegetable and undercook these.

Within 3 to 10 days pain and swelling should disappear. Elimination is just as important as diet and bowel movement must be regular.

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