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Hypnosis Explained

What is hypnosis?

You may be wondering, “What is hypnosis?” Your conception of hypnosis may be based on what you’ve seen on television, on stage or in the movies. The demonstrations where people are made to do stupid things where they appear to have no control over their actions. This is called stage hypnosis and is not what I do for you.

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, a trance-state where suggestions that benefit you in a positive way are made. These suggestions can make the changes in your ideas or behaviours that you want to have made.

These suggestions are made to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind has controlled everything your body does since you took your first breath. Everything you have ever experienced – heard, said, done or felt – is stored in this subconscious mind. Many of these things bypassed your conscious mind and were stored for future reference in your subconscious.

How can hypnosis work? When you imagine redecorating a room and can picture it, you are using a natural capacity for positive hallucination. Under hypnosis, the future change you want can be visualized and made positive in your mind. This is cemented on your subconscious. Giving up smoking, having more confidence, eliminating nail biting, passing exams become a certainty in your mind and this extends to your reality

When you are in a relaxed, hypnotic state, your mind is extremely open to beneficial ideas and suggestions that improve positive behaviour and attitudes. Through suggestion, the person can visualise a positive result of a future event. The mildest form of hypnosis suggestions is equal to impulse buying.

Unresolved problems take root in your subconscious. Under intense relaxation, a person can regress back through their lives and discover the cause of phobias. By addressing any remembered trauma, you can tell the subconscious to remove the apprehension. This can be either with total transference (no memory of his/her real age) or Partial transference (the person relieves the memory)

Hypnosis liberates a person, not enslaves because it will freeze a positive desire within them. Example of this is passing exams or a driving and a creating a positive and motivating attitude.

Hypnosis is natural, with no side effects and not to be confused with majic. There are 3 stages:

  1. Light – relaxation when the consciousness remains active

  2. Medium – reinforced relaxation where the consciousness remains marginally active. All suggestions are in accord with the fundamental personality of the person will be carried out

  3. Deep – absolute relaxation, the conscious mind is completely inactive. This person will carry out illogical suggestions and when awake remembers nothing

To sum up, hypnosis/hypnotherapy as a tool is extremely useful in its ability to utilize more of a person’s mental resources than other approaches typically do.


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