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The gentle way to get better

Nothing is more important than your health.

Complimentary medicine such as homeopathy, compliments and supports pharmaceutical medication. This does not contra-indicate and will not create side effects

Supplements are necessary when a chronic illness makes wear and tear on the body.

For example Probiotics help to re-establish the good bacteria in your digestive system and boost your immunity. Imbalances occur with medication like the birth control pill and anti-inflammatory medication

Herbs and Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years and now proved scientifically to resolve certain illnesses and stress


Bio-Energy medicine reads the whole body revealing each section and pathological indicator drops points to a problematic area

Using a probe on the acupuncture points, the therapist can access the energy signal which is indicated on the computer screen

Once the stressed area is located, remedies and solutions can be used to improve the body’s organ that needs help

Minor ailments such as sinus, migraine, eczema etc. and more serious conditions like arthritis, asthma and colitis can all be treated with relative ease

Detoxifying the body of such things as allergies, intolerances and chemical overload become less of a problem

Each treatment will be followed up by an email or hard copy letter itemising the result, treatment and recommended supplements required. This may be shown to your doctor and pharmacist

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