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Do you have any of the following chronic illnesses?

· Arthritic pain

· Decreased immune response

· Premenstrual tension and difficulty during menopause

· Depression and confusion

· Respiratory infections and/or asthma

· Rhinitis

· Frequent colds

· Fibromyalgia

· Alcoholism

· Chronic fatigue syndrome

You could be suffering from ADRENAL FATIGUE

Symptoms of the adrenals needing support

· Constant fatigue

· Muscular weakness

· Sweating or weakness of hands and feet

· Insomnia

· Low blood pressure

· Cravings for sweets

· Craving for salts

· Intolerance to alcohol

· Vague indigestion

· Vague abdominal pain

· Vulnerability to food reactions/allergies

· Break out in hives or other rashes

· Clenching or grinding the teeth

· Infrequent urination and/or lack of thirst

· Premenstrual symptoms

· Inability to concentrate

· Mood swings

· Easily frustrated

· Intolerance to humid weather

· Cold hands/feet

· Difficulty relaxing (unless working)

· Currently or previously suffered from stress

· Previously suffered from TB, Blood poisoning, sepsis or hepatitis

· Prefer hot drinks rather than cold drinks or are intolerant to cold drinks

· I have a history or alcoholism and/or drug abuse.

· I have environmental sensitivities.

· I have diabetes (type II, adult onset, NIDDM)

· I suffer from post traumatic distress syndrome.

· I suffer from anorexia.

· I have one or more other chronic illnesses or diseases



Natural vitamin C 4 capsules twice a daily (1000mg)

B-Complex, especially pantothenic acid (1000mg)

Find the cause and you find the solution.

Using non-intrusive electro-acupuncture at Gwella Health Solutions

Appointments available weekend 064 7761681



Sea salt added to meals

AD206 by bioforce

Conditions related to Adrenal Fatigue:

· Hypoglycemia, erratic or abnormal blood sugar levels. Adult onset diabetes

· Allergies

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