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Conjunctivitis and Blepharitis

Supplements Vitamin A


(can be drunk as herbal tea and applied topically)

Calendula, Chamomile, Comfrey, Eyebright

Also herbs which can be taken orally

Goldenseal Oregon grape


Vitamin C 1-2 GRAMS DAILY

Echinacea Purpurea 200mg twice daily

Red Eyelids

High potency vitamin complex daily – soreness and cracking of the eyelids can be

Because a vitamin B2 and B6 Deficiency

Corneal ulcers

High potency vitamin B complex daily – providing vitaminB2 B6 and pantathenic

Acid (B5) and vitamin C 1-2 grams daily

Homeopathic Remedies for Conjunctivitis and Blepharitis

Aconite From cold, inuury, dust, surgical operations, scrofulous inflammation with enlarged glands

Acetic Acid When it is impossible to remove tough mucus

Belladonna When eyes are blood-shot and very red. Much enflamed and painful

Merc Cor This is the best remedy for eye-sore. It may be given for some time in acute as well as chronic cases and you will never be disappointed (6th potency)

Euphrasia With watering from the eyes which is acrid

Argentum Nit Profuse, purulent discharge; cornea opaque, lids sore, thick, swollen and ulcerated. Agglutinated in the morning. The canthi (between eyelids) are red as blood. Mucus obstructs the vision unless frequently wiped off. Catarrhal, ulcerative opacities of cornea. Better by cold application

Kali Iod Copious thick, green discharge from the eyes

Kreosote Inflammed and red eyes bleed easily

Morbillinum Due to affection following measles

Apis M Swelling of the lids with stinging, shooting pain and photophobia

Rhus tox Thick purulent discharge. Great swelling of cul de sac. Profuse hot lachrymation

Restlessness. Worse about midnight

Aurum Mur Inflammation due to hereditary syphilis. Irritating lachrymation. Some photophobia

Ruta G Pain in the eyes due to straining which is worse from cold (reverse of argentums nit)

Sulphur Lids swollen and bleed easily

Alumina Silicate Pain in the eyes; burning in the evening as from smoke. Inflammation in the open air with itching. Burning in the lids and in the canthi. Pain in the eyes as from sand

Mancinella Intense inflammation causing blindness for some days

Hepar Sul Inflammation of they eyes with offensive thick, purulent discharge. Ulcers of the cornea with bloody offensive discharge

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