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Do you have dark circles under you eyes?

It could be an indication of an allergy

Another symptoms is constant tiredness, sneezing or a skin rash

The dark circles are caused by vascular dilation. Allergies produce IgE that causes inflammation and the area round the eyes is usually where you will see the effect first

There are different types of food allergies

The development of food allergies is due to many factors, two of which are in our control; exposure to the problem food and frequently of consuming the problem foods

 Classic Allergies

. Reactions usually occur within minutes after eating a food.

 Delayed Allergies

A food that causes delayed response may come and go in cycles depending upon whether the food is eaten or avoided. Since reactions often occur hours or days after consuming a particular food, the relationship between symptoms and food can be difficult to recognize.

Hidden ingredients in commercial food

Food products most commonly implicated in allergic reaction are often hidden as ingredients in commercial foods. Many modern foods as well as certain medicinal drugs also contain preservatives, stabilizers, artificial colourings and flavourings.

If you suspect your child has an allergy, take their pulse before eating the suspect food, then retest the pulse. If there is an increase in the count, there is probably an allergic reaction to that food

For a more precise test contact Marie 064 7761681/0851367488

Using the Mora-Super (electro-acupuncture

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