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Do you have premature grey hair?

You may be deficient in PARA-AMINO BENZOIC ACID

PABA is one of the nutrients the body uses to make B vitamins, especially vitamin B5 which has itself been linked with slowing down the rate of both greying and hair loss. It is made by intestinal bacteria

This is only related when greying hair was the result of either stress or a nutritional deficiency that PAA could correct. Age-related

greying will not respond well to this treatment

Although PABA has been much used in attempts to stimulate hair growth and to turn gray hair back to its natural colour. It may work in some cases that are related to a PABA deficiency. If greying of hair is caused by vitamin deficiency, it is likely a deficiency of a combination of vitamins, mostly the various Bs. PABA is usually used along with biotin, pantothenic acid, and folic acid in the restoration of hair, often with vitamin E as well.

PABA is also used to reduce aging of the skin and lessen wrinkles VITILIGO, a skin depigmenting condition, which could result from deficient hydrochloric acid, vitamin C, or pantothenic acid, may be helped somewhat by PABA, both orally and as a cream. PABA ointment is used commonly to prevent and treat sunburns and, with vitamin E, is often applied to other burns.

PABA has been reported by Dr. Carl Pfeiffer to have had good results in schizophrenia. Obviously self medication for this is not recommended, but perhaps can be investigated further with your doctor. for safe diagnosis and treatment

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