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Cold Sores


D SORES (Herpes simplex)

Caused by the herpes simplex virus which produces infections of the mouth, gums and skin. The virus lays dormant in the nerve ganglia and recurs following periods of stress.

Avoid arginine-rich foods (almonds, bacon, peanuts, seeds and cereals). Arginine is an amino acid which is believed to encourage the growth of the herpes simplex virus. In contrast LYSINE appears to inhibit the replication of the virus

Lysine 500mg 4 times a day during attacks

Vitamin C 500mg twice a day

Echinacea 200 – 400 daily at the start of the outbreak testing for required supplements, allergy testing and Health checks with electro-acupuncture. Marie: 064 7761681/085136 7488

Find the cause and you have the solution

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