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Do you Bruise Easily?

If you bruise easily and your doctor is satisfied that it is not serious, there could be several causes. Perhaps the result of bumping into objects, being overweight, anaemic or pre-menstrual could be the reason why you are susceptible.

Bruising occurs when the capillaries rupture and blood leaks out causing discolouration of underlying tissue

Consume a well-balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and fibre. Avoid saturated fats

Useful supplements:

Vitamin C Minimum amount of 1,000mg daily

High potency anthocyanidins

Food High in Anthocyanidins

A number of fruits and vegetables have high amounts of anthocyanidins in them. You can most easily spot these powerful antioxidant foods by their bright colou

rs. Here are some of the top anthocyanidin-rich foods on the menu.

  1. Blueberries - These tiny berries, often eaten on cereal, in baked goods, or with yogurt, carry a powerful blend of anthocyanidins and other antioxidants under their indigo skins.

  2. Red and Black Grapes - Various varieties of grapes also contain a lot of anthocyanidins. This makes wine a potential health booster in moderation. Jams and jellies also carry the same antioxidants, but with a lot of sugars, which can add some unwanted calories to a meal. Fresh grapes are always a good recommendation.

  3. Cranberries - These sour berries include a good serving of anthocyanidins. However, many cannot stomach the cranberry without some additional sugar or other complementary flavors. Try a cranberry blend drink, a cranberry sauce or other concoction to use these strongly flavored berries in your diet.

  4. Raspberries and Blackberries - These colorful berries loaded up with anthocyanidin pigmentation are also a great source of antioxidants, especially when they are in season.

  5. Red Cabbage - The bright color of red cabbage reflects its high anthocyanidin value. Try this shredded in soups, salads or other dishes.

  6. Red Onions - These versatile vegetables give flavor to sandwiches, soups, salads and pasta dishes. A good reason to use these for anthocyanidin value is that they are often used raw, where the strength of certain chemicals can be reduced by cooking fruits and vegetables.

  7. Eggplant - This purple giant of the garden is also a anthocyanidin-rich food. For the best nutritional value, consider roasting the eggplant whole, or using it in another way that includes eating the skin, where antioxidants are located.

Horse chestnut seed extract is also very good for bruising. Horse chestnut seed and leaf are used for treating varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and swollen veins (phlebitis). testing for required supplements, allergy testing and Health checks with electro-acupuncture. Marie: 064 7761681/085136 7488

Find the cause and you have the solution

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