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supplements for over 65's

Senior Citizens supplement requirements:

This varies from individuals, but general over 65 you need extra mineral, especially calcium magnesium and iron as well as extra vitamins such as B. Complex. Magnesium, Vitamin E and C can help alleviate poor circulation/leg cramps

If chewing is a problem, high fibre foods can be ground to convenient sizes or textures and are just as effective

You cannot stop eating, take vitamins and minerals, yet still remain healthy. But, despite a healthy diet, there may still be a need to supplement it with vitamins and minerals. Think of vitamins as the spark plugs of a car

RDA = the recommended daily amount and is not formulated to cover the needs of those who are ill. They are not therapeutic and are meant strictly for the health individual – nor do they take into account nutrient losses that occur during processing and preparation. RDA is an estimation of nutritional needs necessary. Therefore RDA is not an average requirement but recommendations intended to meet the needs of those healthy people

An example of side effects is that taking too much magnesium results in loose stools. Increase your dose slowly to maximise the benefits before experiencing this.

Some supplements may have contra-indications with your medication, so check with your pharmacist testing for required supplements, allergy testing and electo-acupuncture. Marie: 064 7761681/085136 7488

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