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Hypnosis not only helps overcome fears, phobia and compulsive behaviours, but as it accesses the subconscious, it is a therapy that can give you the edge, when going for an interview, exam or even just a confidence booster.

The body is made up of three bodies: self: – physical emotional and mental

All changes processes, including, for example, weight loss must integrate and awareness of each of these 3 selves to avoid a struggle between them which will sabotage permanent weight loss. In other words, if you ignore parts of your physical, emotional or mental self when trying to lose weight, you are indeed ‘fighting with your-self’.

How can hypnosis work? When you imagine redecorating a room and can picture it, or planning restructuring the garden, you are using a natural capacity for positive hallucination. Under hypnosis, the future change you want can be visualized and made positive in your mind. This is cemented on your subconscious. Giving up smoking, having more confidence, eliminating nail biting, passing exams become a certainty in your mind and this extends to your reality

Using one of the following books will teach you methods of positive mind altering states. This will help you to eliminate any negativity that is holding you back from creating the life, employment or healthy body which you deserve.

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