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Low Blood Pressure


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Low Blood Pressure however uncomfortable for the sufferer is rarely serious. Most people who have low blood pressure live longer because their blood vessels are less burdened than those with high blood pressure. Low endurance levels, dizziness, fainting spells and fatigue are common symptoms of low blood pressure. A person with hypotension will tend to require more sleep than the average person. Light physical or mental work often causes sweating. Poor circulation increases the tendency to get chilly and cold hands and feet are common. Often there is a marked sensitivity to extremes in weather. For some blood pressure is normal but falls when getting up too quickly, leading to seconds of visual blackouts, heart palpitations and dizziness. Anyone whose systolic blood pressure reads lower than 105 for men or 100 for women is considered to have low blood pressure.


Low blood pressure is usually hereditary and slender women are most susceptible. It is the result of overly lax blood vessel walls that do not respond well to nerve stimulation. The adrenal glands are at fault if they do not produce enough stress hormones, which is common after a long illness. Physical inactivity, hunger signaling low blood sugar levels, stress, and emotional upsets and standing for long periods of time especially in the heat will trigger spells of low blood pressure in susceptible persons. Anemia, especially due to blood loss will cause blood pressure to drop as will dehydration due to extensive vomiting, diarrhea or diuretic use. Other conditions that cause low blood pressure are underactive thyroid and poorly managed diabetes. Heart conditions, kidney disease and prolonged bed rest due to illness also cause symptoms of low blood pressure. In persons on medication for high blood pressure, symptoms of hypotension should cause a re-evaluation of doses. Symptom free low blood pressure is normal in athletes.


Low blood pressure can be due to undernourishment making sure the diet furnishes sufficient calories and nutrients eating whole grains, beans and plenty of fresh vegetables. These foods provide high quality vegetable protein, vitamin C and the B vitamins. Vitamin B5 deficiency often indicates excess salt excretion by the body. Good sources of Vitamin B5 in addition to the foods already mentioned are raw wheat germ, nuts, nutritional yeast and royal jelly. Eat some salty foods daily until the condition is cured. Five small meals a day is better than 3 large ones for stimulating circulation.

Nutritional Supplements:

Low blood pressure can be aggravated by insufficient diet and poor nutrient assimilation. Supplementation can help boost a poor diet. Vitamins B, C and E are the most important for adrenal gland support, though all B Vitamins increase stamina and energy. Vitamin C with bioflavonoid is important for maintaining strong blood vessel walls and improving resistance to infection. Vitamin E serves to better supply the cells with oxygen. Kelp is a green food rich in minerals and excellent for improving thyroid function which is often sluggish in those who experience low blood pressure. Bee pollen has a positive effect on all endocrine glands stimulating overall strength and energy.

Herbal Remedies.

By stimulating circulation and certain glands, herbal juices can help alleviate low blood pressure symptoms. Following remedies, take 1 tbsp of herbal juice 3 times daily.

  • Hyssop has a positive effect on all endocrine glands, stimulating overall strength and energy. The action of hyssop is enhanced with kelp, which stimulates and also helps raise blood pressure.

  • Steep rosemary leaves in aged red wine and take 1tbsp daily as a heart tonic.

  • Siberian ginseng, goldenseal root, ginger root, spirulina and ginko biloba stimulate the circulatory system and help raise blood pressure

  • Hawthorn berries and garlic regulate blood pressure and fortify the heart.

Tissue Salts.

Take 4 tablets under the tongue 4 times daily for one to two weeks

  • When low blood pressure is associated with weakness and fatigue combined with an inability to concentrate use calc phos. This tissue salt is particularly useful to support convalescence and aid recovery from anemia.

  • Use Kali Phos in cases of low blood pressure and fatigue when the nerves are over taxed. This tissue salt will repair overwrought nerves from stress and worry.

  • Silica is useful for boosting low energy when the entire condition is impoverished due to inadequate nutrient assimilation. The skin, hair and nails lack luster.

  • Nat Mur is recommended when fatigue is associated with low spirits and depression which are worse in the morning.

External and Physical Therapies:

  • Hydrotherapy is excellent to stimulate circulation include daily, alternating hot and cold showers, water stepping.

  • It is also important to exercise regularly, walk, hike, cycle and swim outdoors for better health.

  • Regular morning dry brushing the skin stimulates circulation.

  • In the morning, even before rising, start exercises such as moving the toes and pulling the knees up and down. Get up slowly. Jumping out of bed can bring on a dizzy spell.

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