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bronchitis is an infection of the bronchial tubes. It usually occurs with an existing cold and typically begins with a dry shallow cough. As it progesses phlegm develops and the cough becomes painful. The chest feels tight causing sore shortness of breath. The phlegm changes fro a gelatin like substance into a thick, yellow mucous. Cold symptoms such as a fever, chills aching muscles, sore throat and rummy nose are present. An acute case of bronchitis usually resolves itself within 2 weeks. A mild but constant cough is usually the sign of a chronic bronchitis, which can continue indefinitely if preventive steps are not taken. The repetitive coughing is very hard on the lungs and respiratory system, allowing infections to develop more easily. Bronchitis or coughing can also lead to emphysema later in life. Persistent coughing must be evaluated professionally to rule out more serious problems.


Sudden acute bronchitis is often caused by a virus, sometimes in combination with bacteria. Any cough is a healthy reaction to irritation within the air passage, and in bronchitis the cough is necessary to eliminate infectious mucus from the body. Coughing should not be suppressed. Susceptibility to a chest infection is more likely after becoming chilled or fatigued. Irritating chemicals such as tobacco, ammonia and environmental pollution also predispose the chest to infection. A chronic bronchial cough lasting weeks and months, even years, is usually due to an irritating substance, such as tobacco and sometimes due to excessively dry air and dust, common in some workplaces. An inadequate diet with too much meat and processed foods and too little fiber has been linked to lung weaknesses. Toxins can build up in both the lungs and the colon. When the respiratory tract is overloaded with toxic material, respiratory problems like bronchitis are more likely to surface.


Leeks are a good healing food for bronchitis. Their oil contains sulphur, which is partly eliminated through the lungs, easing bronchial mucus. Eat vegetables and fruits raw whenever possible to retain immune boosting enzymes which are lost through cooking. The vitamin A that fruits and vegetables provide strengthens lung tissue and the vitamin C they contain promotes healong and improves resistance to infection.

Nutritional Supplements.

Vitamins A and C are the most important nutrients in combating bronchitis. Vitamin A maintains the mucus membranes of the respiratory tract and lungs, while Vitamin C stimulates the immune system to fight infection. One of the most effective remedies for eliminating, or at least reducing, phlegm from the respiratory tract is an amino acid derivative called N acetyl cysteine. This mucolytic agent which is also a powerful antioxidant, con be taken in capsule form. It dissolves the mucus by cutting up mucoplrotein molecules into smaller, less vicous fragments.

Herbal Remedies.

Cayenne taken with ginger cleans out bronchial tubes.

Black Cohosh, coltsfoot, fennel, caraway, peppermint and thyme teas loosen and expel phlegm from bronchial tubes.

Horsetail and plantain juice alleviate chronic bronchitis.

Use 5 drops of thyme oil or tea tree oil mixed with lindenflowers, chamomile and eucalyptus for inhalations, baths and compresses.


Aconite is excellent for relief when used within the first 24 hours of a cold, if the symptoms include a dry tickly cough and high fever associated with restless anxiety. It is useful for sudden severe symptoms.

Belladonna is another excellent remedy in the beginning stages, if symptoms include a high fever, flushed cheeks and glassy eyes. The gead throbs and feels dull.

Bryona can promote healing when the cough is very dry and painful, causing stabbing pains in the chest. The person often needs to hold the chest during the cough to prevent the pain. Irritability is usually noticeable, and the person just wants to be left alone. Deep breathing excitement or eating can bring on the cough.

Kali Bich should be used to remedy the later stages of a bronchitis. When the phlegm is so tough and stringy that it is difficult to bring up.

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