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Feelings of anxiety are familiar to us all. They range in intensity from feelings of uneasiness producing trembling and sweaty hands, to bouts of diarrohea heart palpitations and full blown panic attacks. Anxiety can cause complete, albeit temporary, memory blocks, or cause entirely inapropiate behaviour.

Whatever the cause of anxiety, the result is not always debilitating. In fact, anxiety can be a useful coping mechanism. The apprehension of a deadline can improve performance, and an uneasy sensation of anxiety alerts us to a possible conflict or danger. If the problem cannot be resolved, symptoms may intensify and be longer lasting. Depending on the individual various types of problems may occur. Some tuypical ones are headaches, digestive upsets, impotence, insomnia and an inability to relax. A feeling of a lump in the throat, also known as globus hystericus, is not uncommon for women during times of extreme stress. This lump is not due to stress, and is possibly the result of a muscle spasm in the throat.


Physically anxiety occurs when an overload of stress on the nervous system throws it off balance. As a result the autonomic nervous system becomes overstimulated causing symptoms of anxiety.anxiety is most often a temporary problem caused by periods of extreme emotional stress. It is often directly linked to our ability to cope with stress in our invoirnment but definite factors trigger and aggravate anxiety. All substances that induce wakefulness, including the caffeine in coffee and colas act upon the nervous system to put the nerves on the edge. Smoking to relax is a psychological fallacy as the nicotine increases rather than reduce stress. Hangovers and withdrawal from alcohol produce nervousness and tremors. Furthermore anxiety is linked to an increased production of lactate in the body which both alcohol and caffeine cause. Late nights and continually changing sleep patterns are also problems. Anxiety occurs most commonly during, or in anticipation of an event which depends on performance. Typical situations are writing an exam relocating to jobs or cities, or meeting someone important. Change also causes anxiety and the more serious the change the more profound the effect. Death divorce and personal illness are among the toughest changes which can trigger symptoms of anxiety and nervous tension. Since th nerves are dependent on nutrients to keep them calm low blood sugar levels or hypoglycaemia will cause feelings of distress. Hypoglycaemia is often linked to eating too many sweets and missing meals. An over active thyroid can cause apprehension and anxiety as the bodys metabolism speeds up.


Refined white flour and sugar products and processed food essentially starve the body of B vitamins as the bodys own vitamin reserves must digest these fuel foods which have been striped of many important nutrients. This process weakens the body and promotes feelings of anxiety. Sweet foods are especially harmful since their digestion causes a dramatic drop in blood sugar which can be experienced as apprehensive jitteriness. Pay special attention to foods rich in the B vitamins such as whole grains, nuts, green leafy vegetables, nutritional yeast, eggs and fish for healthy nerves. Oats are wonderful for the nervous system. Hazelnuts are also a valuable healing food for the nerves.

Nutritional Supplements.

the B Vitamins lend the nervous system excellent support. Vitamin B6 is particularly important. A lack of calcium or magnesium is also responsible for nervous tension. These minerals relax a tense and overwrought nervous system. Take them before bed to improve sleep.

Herbal Remedies.

  • Skullcap is valuable in combating anxiety, stress and tension.

  • ginseng taken in combination with Royal Jelly is a great energy booster and lifts the spirits.

  • Valerian is one of the most useful herbs to help reduce anxiety and tension.

Tissue Salts.

For nervous tension take 4 tablets under the tongue three times daily.

  • Kali Phos works as nourishment for the nerves. It is the chief tissue salt in cases of fatigue anxiety,sleeplessness and depression due to nervous tension.

  • Calc Phos is appropriate if nervous debility is linked to physical weakness or anemia.

  • Nat Mur is another tissue salt to consider, helpful when anxiety is accompanied by low spirits possibly related to grief.

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