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Bio-Energy explained

Find the cause of your chronic illness and you find the solution


B.E.R. Therapy (bio-electronic regulatory techniques)

BER Techniques measure electrical activity in the body and use this information as a parameter of organ function, depending on where and how the measurement has been made, as used in Traditional Chinese Medicine

At Gwella Clinic I use: MORA-Therapy which is a modern physical way of treatment from the field of bio cybernetic medicine. For more than 30 years therapists in Germany and abroad have been applying this therapeutic method that involves sampling the body's own micro-magnetic oscillations from the patient's body surface and then returning it as therapeutically effective information.

The tapped body information is divided up into physiological and non-physiological oscillatory information by a so-called molecular-absorption circuit as a result of resonant processes, and which are then separately processed. Non-physiological, i.e. "pathological" oscillatory information resulting from disorders is inverted by a phase shift of 180 degrees. Thus, the "pathological" oscillatory information is neutralized before it is returned to the body.

MORA devices do not supply any foreign energy, as there is no galvanic current flow. This is based on the 5000-year-old findings of Chinese acupuncture (TCM), as well as homeopathy and particularly Electro-Acupuncture.

Every living thing needs a very specific terrain in order to survive. Healthy bacteria (symbionts) in some other terrain, multiply into pathological germs; viruses in turn need a terrain that is completely different from the bacterial disease-causing agents; similarly fungi. The terrain in which cancer arises has been precisely established, as well as that of thrombosis, infarct, neurosis, tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, etc. Being able to exactly assess and then modify that terrain is what this is all about!

“Bio-Electronic Terrain” refers to the vital balance of biochemistry and biophysics that determines the ideal environment for cellular function and therefore maximum health. It is the “internal environment” of the body, and is particularly reflected in the ‘matrix’ as described in the works of noted Austrian physician, Prof. Pischinger. This all relates to the fact that a virus, bacteria or fungus (and optimal health!) can only thrive in specific environmental conditions conducive to their development.

Seemingly un-diagnosable diseases and persistent health problems are presented to us daily. The incidence of chronic disease is higher than ever before, and we are all aware that fungal mycotoxicity, in addition to influences such as viral, chemical and environmental overloads are becoming significant contributory factors to many of the health problems our patients suffer. All of these factors are reflected in the patient’s Bio-Electronic Terrain.

Thus, knowing the specific condition of the body's internal environment is an invaluable therapy concept for all practitioners, and analysis of the Bio-electronic Terrain offers a powerful clinical approach.

Bio-Electronic Vincent (B.E.V.) is a simple in-office procedure for the evaluation of acid-alkaline balance (pH), reduction-oxidation potential, and resistivity, of various specimens. Blood, saliva and urine are the three most commonly used specimens for assessment of an individual’s Bio-Electronic Terrain – the internal environment of their health-disease continuum. These nine resulting parameters are themselves then used for specific analysis, and with elaborate calculations by the computer program, to yield micro wattage, biological age (the toxic load), and several actual risk propensities.

In conclusion, finding the overall toxic load with elimination and rebalancing the body’s organs. This is the turning point towards improvement of chronic illnesses towards a health immune system

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