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What is the aim of Gwella Clinic?

To gain optimal health through holistic (whole) healing. Using hypnotherapy, bio-energy, homeopathy, herbs and nutrition (supplements). Each healing method unique in its healing process. Balancing the body’s physical, structural and mental health.

Hypnotherapy: This is a therapy which is increasingly being used to relieve and cure a wide range of disorders – physical, psychological or emotional. Do not be put off by theatrical hypnotism where those taking part have been made to look foolish or lacking in control. Hypnotherapy helps with by passing the conscious and accessing the subconscious and this intensifies the concentration. This helps find the ‘inner you’ and the person you are meant to be. Hypnotherapy helps you to overcoming phobias, stopping smoking, losing weight and many more self inflicted stresses. Hypnosis provides the solution safely.

Bio-energy: A natural holistic method of healing which is gentle, non-invasive, medicine free, sustainable and is one of the most effective ways to promote better all round health, by using life MORA, therapy has been utilized and recognized internationally for more than fifty years. The experiences gained from Chinese acupuncture, homeopathy and Electro-Acupuncture are optimally incorporated within the MORA-SUPER, plus, It enables assessment of allergy situations with EAV or VEGA style methods and provides therapy with the patient’s own energy oscillations or with pre-tested remedies.

Because the human body is a complex electronic circuitry made up of conductors, capacitors and inductances, disease must be found in the distortion of electrical signals as they travel through this circuitry. This was an extension of EAV, the work of Dr. Voll who was the creator of EDS and who used DC currents to diagnose disease states via conductivity measurements of different body points. Homeopathy is a safe, effective system of natural medicine, used by millions of people worldwide for over 200 years. Homeopathy is not naturopathy or herbal medicine. It is a unique system of medicine developed by a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann in the early 1800s. Mother Teresa used homeopathic medicines in her hospital in Calcutta. The World Health Organization has cited homeopathy as a system of medicine that should be integrated worldwide with conventional medicine.

It is estimated that over 500 million people around the world have received homeopathic treatment.

The medicines are prepared from natural sources and are used in extremely small amounts. They are non-toxic, and when properly administered by a professional homeopath, they can be safely used with infants, children, and adults.

Homeopathic medicines work by strengthening and stimulating the body’s natural healing systems. Conventional medicine tends to suppress symptoms rather than creating a curative response. Homeopathy works to cure the underlying disease rather than simply suppressing the symptoms. In classical homeopathy, the whole person is considered when determining a remedy. A central principle of homeopathic practice is that the mind, body, and emotions are interconnected and influence each other. The human body functions as a system and not as a collection of separate parts. Homeopathy treats each person individually – a truly holistic approach. Single remedies are chosen based on the totality of the patient’s symptoms – their mental, emotional, and physical state. Medicines are prepared in a homeopathic pharmacy through a process of dilution and succussion. The dilution of the medicines makes each dose extremely small and non-toxic.

Herbs: Though herbs have been used for hundreds of years to heal, scientists are finally starting to substantiate these plants’ abilities to alleviate arthritis pain, reduce high blood sugar and cholesterol and help with many other conditions. An example of one of these herbs is:

Echinacea. This herb stimulates the immune system in several different ways, such as enhancing macrophage function and increasing T-cell response. Echinacea also contains a natural antibiotic compound known as echinacoside. This herb may therefore be useful for preventing a cold, flu, or viral bronchitis from progressing to a secondary bacterial infection. Also echinacea have been applied topically to herpes outbreaks in order to promote healing. The alcohol in these tinctures helps to dry out cold sores, thereby relieving some symptoms, and the herbs may have additional benefits.

Supplements: Vitamins and minerals are needed from time to time to support a person’s immune system. In many ways, supplements are to humans what fertilizer is to plants. Give a plant adequate amounts of sunlight and water, and it will survive. Add some nutrient-rich fertilizer (organic, of course), and the plant will thrive.

For us humans, the same principle applies. A healthy, balanced diet supplies the body with sufficient nutrients to carry out routine tasks. Supplements such as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, phytochemicals, and more, enrich the body’s internal environment to fortify cellular protection, repair, and regeneration and support the Renewal process. Necessary especially after or during many illnesses and digestive problems

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