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dōTERRA Essential Oils                                                   What is an essential oil?

The aromatic, healing compounds found in the seeds, flowers, bark, leaves, and/or roots of plants. 


What makes dōTERRA oils different from other oils? = The Certified Pure Therapeutic
Grade (CPTG) standard guarantees that dōTERRA’s oils are 100%
pure and natural, no synthetics or contaminates, including pesticides.
dōTERRA essential oils are the safest, most beneficial oils available today.

There are three main ways to use essential oils:

1      Topically: Apply 1-2 drops on the area of concern and gently rub in to increase circulation and absorption. Or, you can apply 1-2 drops on the bottoms of the feet—the pores of the feet are bigger than any other pores, so absorption is   very fast

2      Aromatically: Use 4 drops in a diffuser. Make your own personal diffuser by putting a drop of oil in your hands, rub your hands together, cup your nose and inhale.

3      Internally: To use, put 1-2 drops in water and drink, mix with honey or milk, or put a few drops in an empty veggie capsule (found at health food stores or pharmacies) and take like a pill.  

I am looking for people with a passion for natural healing remedies.  Do you love helping people? Would you like to get your oils for free? Would you like a second income?  I am always available to give you free help and support/training in growing your business.  Contact me: or enrol directly: for the price of a book

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