dōTERRA Essential Oils                                                   What is an essential oil?

The aromatic, healing compounds found in the seeds, flowers, bark, leaves, and/or roots of plants. They are carefully steam distilled or cold-pressed in order to keep the plants’ powerful healing components alive. Essential oils are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs!


What makes dōTERRA oils different from other oils?

Every batch of essential oil is thoroughly cross-tested in independent
laboratories with a series of tests.  The Certified Pure Therapeutic
Grade (CPTG) standard guarantees that dōTERRA’s oils are 100%
pure and natural, no synthetics or contaminates, including pesticides.
dōTERRA essential oils are the safest, most beneficial oils available today.

I am looking for people with a passion for natural healing remedies.  Do you love helping people? Would you like to get your oils for free? Would you like a second income?  I am always available to give you free help and support/training in growing your business.  Contact me: marie@gwellahealth.solutions or enrol directly: www.mydoterral.com/marieridout for the price of a book

There are three main ways to use essential oils:

1      Topically: Apply 1-2 drops on the area of concern and gently rub in to increase circulation and absorption. Or, you can apply 1-2 drops on the bottoms of the feet—the pores of the feet are bigger than any other pores, so absorption is   very fast

2      Aromatically: Use 4 drops in a diffuser. Make your own personal diffuser by putting a drop of oil in your hands, rub your hands together, cup your nose and inhale.

3      Internally: To use, put 1-2 drops in water and drink, mix with honey or milk, or put a few drops in an empty veggie capsule (found at health food stores or pharmacies) and take like a pill.  

Just remember 2 safety rules:Do not apply (or get) essential oils inside your ear canals, eyes, or nose. These are the most sensitive areas of the body, and essential oils contain very condensed healing components. If your skin feels sensitive to an essential oil when used topically, dilute with oil, NOT water. Water will drive an oil in faster (which is great when that’s what you want to do!)  

                                                       product-guide.pdf (doterra.com)

product-guide.pdf (doterra.com)

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