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The Mora Super tests on the body’s organ meridians.  The probe is looking for a resonance, an energetic signal.  Not antibodies to the micro-organism.  A pathological drop in the reading indicates a lack of energy and generally proves to be a problem from the past, creating an unbalance in the health today         Non invasive and painfree

Quantum Bio-electric test.  Monitors your heart rate with your age, height, weight and gives a list of your required supplements. 

For example if your thyroid is underactive, you will need calcium as the thyroid monitors the intake of calcium in your body.

You will be aware of the symptoms of this.  Bes specific about what supplements are actually needed

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I also use auricular Therapy,  Electro acupuncture

of the ears.  Non invasive and again as with the Mora, painless

It has ben proved that the patholphysiologicall connection between the rest of the body is reflected in the ear

This stems from Chinese and ancient Egyption therapy

I am based in Co. Kerry.  S, Ireland

contact me on  0035364 7761681


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Classic Alergies

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